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EasyFind Satellite TV Upgrade Kit - add EasyFind to your existing camping setup

Already have a satellite dish for your camping, caravanning or motorhome holidays but getting fed up of faffing around to it set up each time?

This EasyFind upgrade kit is what you need, just replace your old LNB and reciever with the new ones provided in this kit and you can enjoy the ease of set up that comes with EasyFind.  No compass or satellite meter are required and it takes no more than a minute or two to align the dish and get a perfect signal without running back indoors to see the screen all the time.

Just select the satellite you need to find and rotate the dish while keeping an eye on the tri-colour LED signal indicator on the LNB which indicates when a valid signal for the selected satellite is being received, flashing red until it receives the correct signal, then flashing amber and green as the signal strength increases and to a solid green light when a full signal lock is achieved.  Couldn’t be simpler.

Buy the EasyFind Satellite upgrade kit for £99 including UK delivery.

Or check out our full range of portable satellite TV kits here.


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