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EasyFind Satellite TV Kits for Camping and Caravanning

A recent addition to our range here at In Car Stuff was the three EasyFind Satellite TV kits, ideal for camping and caravanning. Due to the success of this range we have been able to reduce the price of these kits and they now start at only £129 including UK delivery.

These kits all feature the EasyFind satellite system which allows you to quickly position the dish within minutes of unpacking the kit. Simply select the satellite you need to find and rotate the dish while keeping an eye on the tri-colour LED signal indicator on the LNB which indicates when a valid signal for the selected satellite is being received, flashing red until it receives the correct signal, then flashing amber and green as the signal strength increases and to a solid green light when a full signal lock is achieved. No messing with signal meters.

All three kits come with everything you need apart from a TV.

Buy EasyFind satellite TV kits for camping, motorhomes and caravans here.


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