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Falcon Predator CAN-bus Car Alarm System Now In Stock

For many modern vehicles with CAN-bus wiring a CAN compatible alarm is the best choice for an alarm system and in some cases it is essential. By connecting into the vehicles 1 or 2 wire CAN network the alarm can communicate directly with the high speed digital data eliminating the need for traditional hard wired analogue systems meaning a much reduced installation time and increased reliability.

The Falcon Predator CAN-bus alarm uses the vehicle manufacturers original remote control key to arm and disarm the alarm via the vehicles digital CAN-bus communication system – just lock the doors as normal and the alarm will be armed, no need for an extra remote control to carry around.

CAN stands for Controller Area Network and is a digital signalling system used in many modern cars which brings many advantages such as reliability, advanced diagnosis and a decrease in cost and complexity for vehicle manufacturers. The down side for end users has been the added difficultly of installing aftermarket products such as an alarm, leading to increased installation time, higher risk of damaging the cars electronics and in some cases it simply isn’t possible. The Falcon Predator CAN-bus alarm is the solution!

Buy the Falcon Predator CAN-bus alarm here for only £55 or view the vehicle compatibility list here.


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