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New Subwoofers from Fuel Car Audio

Fuel FSE12 12″ 800W Sub & EnclosureFUEL – the purveyors of bass for sound systems, have laboured, sweated and given birth to some bass babies that bite. Passionate about their music and running some of the most heavy duty tunes and systems in the UK club and car tuning and styling scene, the Fuel people have created something where there was nothing made for their needs.

Until now, nothing has existed that fit both the demand for performance, power and sheer pump. Now it does. Incredibly talented engineers have been employed – they who can translate from the “I want” demands of the Fuel team and offer up hardcore subwoofer technology that satisfies.

All Fuel subs feature amazing power handling, a single voice coil with spider-woven tinsel leads, parabolic dual layer top roll suspension and most excellent of all, three ohm impedance. It’s tech talk for a subwoofer that can drop, throb, swell fatness and plain boom like it means it.

From the Fuel 600W 10″ STA10 subwoofer to the stunning (and huge!) 1600W Fuel FDE12 dual 12″ sub box the Fuel range won’t disappoint!

Check out the complete range of Fuel subs and sub boxes here.


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