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Police Chiefs call for number plate change

Police Chiefs call for number plate changePolice chiefs have called for the number plate system to be overhauled in a bid to beat “car cloning”.

The Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) has warned that an increasing number of car number plates are being stolen or cloned to allow criminals to escape motoring fines or commit crimes without being identified.

The Police estimate that there was an increase of nearly 25% in the number of registration plates stolen last year, with in excess of 40,000 vehicles having their plates snatched in 2006.

Superintendent John Wake of the ACPO Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service told the BBC that there was no confidence in the DVLAs ability to prevent cloning. The registration plate was the “first form” of identification of a vehicle he said, adding “I don’t have confidence that beyond that you can identify that that vehicle is the legitimate vehicle for that plate”.

The Association of Chief Police Officers now wants all cars to have tamper-proof plates fitted and a new central body established to issue vehicle registration numbers.

More at the BBC.


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