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Thousands of faulty logbooks stolen from the DVLA

V5 LogbookThe DVLA are warning motorists to be on the lookout for stolen V5 vehicle registration certificates when buying a used car. Thousands of the faulty logbooks have been stolen from the DVLA and it is believed that several hundred are already in circulation.

Motorists who are looking to buy a car are urged to check the serial number that appears at the top right hand corner of the registration certificate. If it bears the prefix BG and falls within the range BG 9167501 to BG 9190500, they are advised not to purchase the vehicle.

These V5C certificates could be used to sell stolen vehicles that have had their identity changed to match that of a legitimate vehicle, a practice is known as cloning. The cloned vehicles are sold on to unsuspecting members of the public who suffer significant losses when their vehicles are confiscated by the police.

The stolen certificates have a different background colour on the Notification of Permanent Export (V5C/4) tear off slip on the second page, which looks mauve on the front and pink on the reverse. On legitimate documents they should be mauve on both sides.

If you are concerned whether a certificate is genuine ring DVLA’s helplines on 0870 241 1878.


2 comments to Thousands of faulty logbooks stolen from the DVLA

  • Steve


    OMG! I cant beleive it.

  • blower

    i cant believe it neither , weve just paid nearly 6k for a van that was using 1 of these log books

    so , no van and no money

    we are currently in talks with the DVLA as to wether we;ll get compensation

    wish us look …