Sniper X2 2 Way LCD Pager Car Alarm Only £49.99
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Whats the point of buying a car alarm these days, nobody will listen to it anyway

evo4_plus_remote.jpgSadly in many cases the above is all too true, but what would YOU do if you knew that someone was tampering with your car right now?

Finally theres an alarm that lets YOU know whats going on with your car in real time and gives you all the information you need to protect your vehicle 24 hours a day.

Step in the Falcon Predator EVO4+ alarm system, with its pager remote control.

Now instead of wondering what set the alarm off,you can know exactly whats happening to your car as it happens, has the door been opened or are they under the bonnet already? Perhaps theres been an impact,a smashed window maybe, or perhaps just a careless driver in the car park. No matter whats happend its always best to know as it happens, not when you get back to your pride and joy to find the damage waiting for you.
Don’t rely on others… get the Predator EVO4+ today!


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